Michigan ENROLLS

Michigan ENROLLS provides outreach, education and enrollment of clients into managed health care programs. Certified counselors educate new clients on available health plans and help clients enroll in new plans or change plans. For more information call (800) 644-4005.

Tax Preparation Assistance

This service is an initiative to increase the number of low-income families applying for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). It provides free income tax preparation and filing for low-income citizens in Kent County during tax season.


  • Resident of Kent County
  • Annual income at or below 125% of federal poverty guideline OR receiving services from another CAA program to be eligible for free services

Migrant Emergency Services

Emergency services for food, gas, personal products, work clothes, utilities, etc. for seasonal or migrant farm workers at or below 125% of federal poverty guideline.

Utility Assistance Program

Payment assistance for gas, electric, water and deliverable fuel (such as wood, propane, or coal).


  • Must have shut off notification status (or disconnect status)
  • Service needs to be in your name and at your primary residence
  • Deliverable fuel supply must be at 25% or below
  • CAA must be able to resolve the emergency and provide for at least 30 days of continued service
  • Other criteria as defined by the specific funding source

Call (616) 336-4000 for more information.

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